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    Final Year Project Questionnaire... Please help me out!


      i'm in the final year of my degree in multimedia, and i was hoping some nice people would help me out by answering some of these questions for my final year project. it would really be a great help to me....


      For my final year project I am going to produce a website where people can create their own Flash game. I will make a game creator – an artefact which the users will be able to use to create their own game from nothing – using Flash, and then incorporate this into a website. The users will be able to create games using an interactive display – they will not have to write any code; and they can play their games, and other users’ games on the website. I want to make the game creator easy to use so almost anyone could do it, and make it so it’s fun to do as well. I would make many options available within the game creator so the user can really personalise their game and make it individual.




      Do you like the idea?


      What technical capabilities would you look for in this type of application? What do you think this application needs to perform its task? What options should be available?


      For the website?
      For the game creator application?


      How should it look visually? What kind of style do you think would be most fitting?


      Do you think ease of use and the ability to personalise is important in this application?


      What do you think are the most important aspects of an application like this? What would be the most important things that this could give you?


      Are there any other similar applications that you have used? Did you like or dislike these, and why?


      How often would you use it? Regularly, infrequently, once, never?


      What is your favourite game genre? What game genre would you like to create a game in? Platform, shooter, strategy, etc…


      How fast would you like to be able to create a game using this? Is the speed with which you can make a game more important than the variety of options available within the game creator?


      Where would you use this website? Home, school, travelling…


      Are there any other points you would like to mention?