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    Style Problems


      I'm using RH 8 with Primary Output of MS HTML Help . . .


      I have a single style sheet for my project that is based off of the default RH style sheet . . . I would like to delete some of the styles that I do not use (H5, H6, etc) but for some reason RH will not allow it . . . I cannot delete the style from the style sheet using following the instructions on the Adobe site as the delete button is disabled (not sure why) . . . I tried editing the style sheet directly (i.e. in an CSS/HTML editor) but to no avail - it just removes the formatting but leaves the style entry . . .


      I simply want to clean up my style pod to only show the styles I use . . . I know this is a minor issue but every time I cursor up or down in a topic the style pod sets the currently selected style to "(none)" at the top of the list which means that I have to use the mouse to scroll down the list before I can select my styles from the list (they are at the bottom) . . . it is very annoying and cumbersom . . .


      I've read everything I could find on Adobe's site . . . I don't suppose there is a white paper on RH styles or something that someone could send me . . .


      Any advice would be appreciated . . .



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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          As far as I know, RoboHelp requires H1 - H6 and a normal paragraph style. If you delete it from your style sheet, Robo just adds them again. Nothing I know of that can be done about that...


          As for your scrolling problem, you can also enter the name of your style in the box and press ENTER. This will also apply your style, but it's a lot faster than picking it. Als, Robo8 has a styles pod, similar to that in Word 2003, you can use to apply styles. If I remember correctly, Click view | pods | styles.





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            RoboColum(n) Level 5

            To add to William's response you may want to think using this link to request a feature to hide unused styles. In the interim there are a number of macro packages around that you can use to assign keyboard shortcuts to use your styles. Macro Express is one that is widely used.


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