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    Horizontal Slidebar


      I cannot figure out for the life of me how to make the horizontal slidebar work. I can make a data list vertically and I can make a repeatable element vertical with the vertical slider but no luck with horizontal.

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          Tara Jane Feener Level 3

          Hey Colesmack,

          Understanding and getting the vertical datalist + scrollbar wired up is the first step, so you're on the right track.

          The following steps should get you what you want:

          1) Draw a rectangle on the artboard.

          2) Select the rectangle, and in the HUD, choose 'Convert Artwork to Component... ", and then select Datalist

          3) Notice the yellow warning indicating parts are missing (undefined)

          4) Click the edit parts button

          5) Select the rectangle, and choose 'Convert Artwork to Component Part...", and select Repeated Item

          6) You should now see a vertical datalist.

          7) In the Properties panel (bottom right corner), click the 'Layout' section to expand it.

          8) Here you can choose Vertical, Horizontal or Tile.  Select Horizontal.

          9) So now you see only one rectangle, and some funny selection bounds.

          10) Drag the right most selection handle to the right.  When you release, you will see the datalist items are now aligned horizontally.

          11) Drag a HorizontalScrollbar from the 'Wireframe Components' panel, to the artboard.

          12) Run your project.


          You should now have a scrollable, horizontal list.

          Feel free to customize the scrollbar/datalist to something more interesting!


          C, let me know if this works out for you, and if this is what you were looking for.


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            Bear Travis Adobe Employee

            Hello Colesmack,


            Did you want to create horizontally scrolling content? If so, you can follow these steps (courtesy of Adam Cath):


            1.  Find some content you want to scroll AND a scrollbar
            2.  Convert the whole thing to a scroll panel (select both and right-click -> convert artwork to component -> scroll panel).
            3.  Select the scroll panel, choose "edit parts" in the HUD

            4.  Select your content and convert to the "scrolling content" part.
            5.  Resize the scrolling content to be cropped.
            6.  Run the project.


            Let me know if that answers your question. If you were trying to do something else, could you outline the steps you are going through or the end result you would like?


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              colesmack Level 1

              So this worked great only thing I'm not understanding is why I can't use the horizontal slider instead of the horizontal slidebar?