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    Misfired events or missing screen redraw


      I have a Flash 10 AS3 file that works for most people but not others.


      The problem is this:


      I have a slider componenet on the stage (dynamically added through actionscript) that changes the scale of an asset on the screen. Some users (the majority using OS X Snow Leopard but not all of them) cannot move the slider. Instead they can only click on spots along the bar or otherwise the slider moves to the 0 or 100% positions. I have added logging to the event listener and it is being fired properly the missing piece is that the slider does not follow the mouse. This is something that the component should be doing.


      In the same flash file I have an own-rolled UI piece that has a similar problem. The user can click and drag it but instead of redrawing or following the mouse as it should it only moves after the user has released the mouse button. The event (a timer in this case) is firing, though, because I can see debug statements that the mouse values are being recorded correctly. The missing piece is that while everything appears to work, the screen does not redraw.


      An interesting discovey: When the user changes focus outside the browser then refocuses everything works perfectly.


      I have ruled out anything on the page interfereing because the users have also accessed the .swf on its own and seen the same problems.


      The problem certainly seems environment related, but I can not figure why it is not working and how I would fix it.