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    URGENT EMERGENCY, Will Be Fired From Job

      My Boss is very Upset with me but it's not my fault. Our web site has an order page for buying our product. And the promotinial code is not working right. When you enter the promo code the price changes to $199 which is right...but the subtotal for some reason reads $299, and that's wrong. The subtotal should obviously be $199. We have many new custumers coming to our web site today due to an article that was released today about our product. It is the launch of our business that we've been anticipating for 3 years. We're going to lose a lot of orders because i don't know how to fix our order form such that the sub total is $199 like it should be.

      the guy that did our website is out of country on vacation.

      Please email me if you're willing to help me at
      I'll then email you my phone number so you can talk me through it over the phone...or you can just email me your phone number so you don't have to pay long distance charges (i'm in Tampa Florida 813 area code).

      Obviously I will be so incredibly appreciative !!