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    Moving on the artboard

    Laurence Schuberth Level 1

      Sorry guys this is prob a stupid question but I'm in the middle of a project and have a mind lock and dont know quite what to search for??


      I have an image on the "stage" (so to speak) and I just want to nudge it the the right a little but every time I do it places a move element in the timeline

      I tried to trash it but you cant. I tried to delete, cant. I know it will be a simple, but how do u adjust position without getting a move placed on the timeline??





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          Tara Jane Feener Level 3

          Hey Laz,

          So I'm guessing you have a project with multiple states, and the rectangle exists in more than one state?

          I just tried to make a very simply replication of this, with two states, the same rectangle in each state, and a button which on click jumps from one state to the other, and I also see this (un-deletable move transition).


          The timeline panel detects changes between objects in different states and adds transitions accordingly.

          It's detecting that the rectangle has moved over, so it automatically adds a move transition.

          You'll notice however, that the auto added move transition has a duration of 0 seconds, so it's not really doing anything.


          If you run your project, you won't see a transition.


          We basically add this as a way to indicate to the user that they can create a smooth transition by editing this 'move' transition(dragging to make it longer, and so forth).


          I'm not sure however, if on a delete that it should reappear.

          I'll discuss with our timeline experts tomorrow to figure out if this is a bug.

          And definitely not a stupid question... nice eye! : )


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            Laurence Schuberth Level 1

            Hey thanks Tara, what you suggested worked, I must have had a positive value cause a shift would always occur on the dissolve trans.


            Funny thing is, to get around the prob I copied the image I was using and made a new layer and that image I could move around without generating the move trans, so I got confused.


            Its actually a hard concept to get your head around, my first instinct was to try and position a play head at the end of the element of the time line and move it to position as well, ( flash style ) but you have to kind of get the idea that the time line is (if I talk like a video editor ) the trans between two clips, would I be close with that thinking??


            Once again you guys rock




            ps would love loaders on video and swf imports 

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              Laurence Schuberth Level 1

              Hey Tara, well i finished my project, ( FC wins again!) but I ran into my problem again and found a work around ( well maybe i just figured out how to use FC ) Anyhoo here goes, I had about 12 pages/states going, 6 of them have video. I built the template in PS the imported to FC ( also the opacity levels I made in PS did not transfer, got solids ) Now 6 of the states have corp logos, page one or home page does not. I have a 1 sec trans from page 4 that has logo to page one that does not. After some work I decide that I want to repo the logo, it then the move is added but it has a value of 0. When I do my trans from 4 to 1 the logo shifts before dissolving off. I figured that I have to turn on the logo in the layers panel on page one, align the logo to match its new position on page 4 then turn it off in layers again. I understand now why it does that but I am wondering if I have a large amount of elements and states might this get confusing??


              Just a thought, it would be great if you had an option or check box or something that was a global move command, maybe "opt move" so it rippled across all the other states.


              Maybe i havent got the grasp of it yet but just thought it might be worth something.


              I'll keep on about the re loaders! Is there anyway in this beta the modify the black on grey loader on current projects????





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                Tara Jane Feener Level 3

                Hey Laz!

                Excited to hear you finished your first project, and 12 states with 6 pages of video... awesome.

                So it sounds like you were encountering the following:

                1) Logo in state 1

                2) Same logo in state 4

                3) Logo in state 4 isn't aligned, so a move transition is generated (even though it doesn't do anything)


                And what you want, is to make your logo in state 4 be at the same position as your logo in state 1?

                If so, you can right click on the logo on the Catalyst artboard (the main canvas) and select "Make same across all other states"

                This will place the logo at the right position in state 4.


                If you try this, does it work for you? Let me know, I'm curious!


                Unfortunately we don't allow you to change the loader color, but we have heard a ton of feedback about this (and custom loaders) so we're actively thinking about it.


                Please add it to the ideas site (if it's not there already) so we can get more community votes! I'm looking forward to this myself.



                Keep me posted!


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                  Laurence Schuberth Level 1

                  Ha ,you guys are one step ahead all the time. Yes that exactly what I was looking for. I have another 2 video projects to finish this week so I'll let you know how it goes.


                  Thanks again Tara