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    Unable to run Flex application with IIS


      I'm new to flex 3 application. I created a simple application using wizard from Flex IDE, but this application run well under ASP.net server but failed under IIS.

      Below is how i created the application
      1. I created a flex project running on APS.net default server (cassini).
      2. I created an application from database by clicking on Data -> Create application from database
      This application is running fine. However, if i followed the same step, but used IIS instead of ASP.net default server, the application failed.

      Below are error codes:

      faultcode: server.error.request.
      faultstring: HTTP request error
      faultdetail: Unable to load WSDL. if currently online, please verify the URI and or format of the WSDL

      Appreciate if anyone can help me on that. Thanks in advance