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    Director's Flash tree component fails after switching away and back to projector window

      When using the flash tree component in Director MX 2004, if I switch away to another application and back to the projector, the flash component fails to operate correctly and erroneously displays a superimposed square outline within the sprite. The number of times I switch back and forth before this happens varies - sometimes first time, and sometimes up to 6 or 7 times before occuring. THe tree no longer functions after that point, but the rest of the Director movie runs fine.

      More info on the behaviour of the tree, after the bug occurs:

      1) The box outline appears to be the border shrinking, but the tree itself does not resize.
      2) All the expand/collapse icons continue to work.
      3) The words of the node of the tree no longer highlight when clicked, until the node above it has been expanded first.

      I've tried not using the built-in components and just embedding a Flash swf asset created from an FLA with a tree component in it, but it does exactly the same thing.

      I'm using DIrector 10.1.1 on WIndows XP SP2, loading a .dcr file into quickstart projector using a separate Xtras folder.

      Anybody heard of this before, or have any ideas?