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    Workflow With Multiple Sequences in PP CS4

    R-Cole Level 1

      I am currently editing a wedding (SD 480/60i from Mini-DV, Dell 390 precision workstation 4Gigs Ram, 2.5 Tb's on 3 drives) and decided to try to use multiple sequences in a different way. Normally I would edit on one sequence for the entire project. On this one for each chapter I created an individual sequence with the thought that once all of the sequences are done I would drag them all into one master timeline, add chapter marks and use dynamic link to send to Encore. So I did just that. I added my clips, color corrected each of the two cameras to match, trimmed the clips down, added a few titles and rendered. Now I am dragging the sequence files (not the original clips but the symbol for each individual sequence) from the project bin and it is showing that I need to render them again. I attempted this on my last project (mxf files from P2) and I don't remember needing to render the master timeline, just the individual sequences. My status window also indicates that the render time would be in the neighborhood of 40+ hours. My questions are as follows:


      1. Are the sequences not meant to be matched up along with other sequences on the same timeline?


      2. Why would I have to render twice?


      3. If I skipped the rendering of the original sequence and just did it once on the master timeline would I suffer any quality loss in my image or sound? Put differently, will the newly rendered timeline just show the current un rendered status of the original sequence or will it apply all of my effects as it would on the original sequence?


      4. Should I just work one long sequence and have all of the bits and pieces together?


      Thanks for any input.



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          Kona Bob Level 2

          What you are describing is the "nesting " of multiple sequences onto a single timeline- which is a perfectly legitimate workflow.

          You should keep in mind that when you "render" a timeline, as you are describing in your post, you are only rendering a preview to view when you play the timeline. This type of "render" does not actually effect anything on the timeline. It is not the same as an "export render", where the timeline is actually rendered into a new file with all of the effects/transitions, etc. baked in. Also, an export render does not change anything on the original timeline, it simply produces a new, continuous movie file.

          When you nest a sequence on a new timeline, it shows up as not rendered because no preview render has been done yet for that particular timeline.

          It is not necessary to do any preview renders at all in order to nest and export to Encore. If you are satisfied that each sequence is finished & locked, you can place them all on the master timeline, double check the transition b/t each sequence to be certain they are smooth, and just send the whole thing to Encore. Whatever renders are needed for that export will be done automatically.

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            R-Cole Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.


            So the render is for my benefit and won't affect the export (via Dynamic Link) to Encore? Even though I see red and yellow bars above the nested sequences I can link to Encore with it and the image quality is the same as if I rendered it for preview and watched it in the PP monitor? Does the same apply to the audio?

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Yes to all questions.

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