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    School Network and Bridge- can't open RAW files




      We are running Adobe CS3 in my school Mac lab (OS10.5 new iMacs and a couple of G5 towers). Students are assigned seats and log in to their home directory on the network xServe server. All their preferences, files etc are stored in their home directory, NOT on the individual computer station. Files are synced to their individual station while they work then saved back to their home directory at the end of their work time.. Students use card readers and use Adobe Photo Downloader to upload images to their Picture folder, which then are visible in Bridge.


      Today a student brought in his memory card with RAW files from his Canon digital SLR. He was working on the G5 tower. Generic icons for all his RAW files appeared in the Photo Downloader dialog box and we could not see the images. ACR has already been upgraded as far as it goes in CS3.


      I have classes of students, most with their own cameras. I am encouraging them to use camera RAW. What do I need to do in order to make sure ALL students can open their images from whatever camera they might have? I wish we can upgrade to CS4 (or 5 when that comes out) but there is no funding for that, so please give me another option.