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    Remote shared objects

    stigbn Level 1

      Dear newsgroup


      I have 2 questions to help my increase my understanding of remote shared objects:


      1) Lets say I have 2 clients (A and B ) connecting to the same shared object. B is not handlng the SYNC event. If A now makes a change to the shared object with a setProperty, will there then still be network traffc to B event though B is not handling the SYNC event ? or in other words, will the shared object on B still be updated event though B is not handling the sync event. I am pretty sure this is the case, but I would like to have this confirmed.


      2) When making updates to remote shared objects with setProperty, is it correct that only the actual changes and not the entre remote objects state is brodcasted to all connected clients. Ie. only changes are sent over the network and not the entire object state ?


      3) Is it neccessary to call rso.send() after making a rso.setProperty(...) ?


      Looking forward to your thought about this.




      Stig Nielsson