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    I am experiencing choppy playback with converted .flv video file?


      I have just reinstalled a fresh copy of Windows XP Pro and then installed CS4. I have updated the suite and tried converting my first .avi file. I was told in a previous post that I should not use K-lite Codec pack with Pr Pro, so I tried using the Adobe Media Encoder included in the CS4 package. It took the media encoder a better part of an hour to covert Beerfest from an .avi file to a .flv file. I was hoping this would allow for a better quality playback, Unfortunately it did not work. During playback with no edits or cuts of any kind, I still experience huge sync problems with the audio and the video. I heard there is a way to use you GPU to accelerate the speed of Pr. Can someone please help me configure my system if that is possible?

      Should I use a third party encoder or codec? IF so which one? Is there a general setup guide or tutorial that I can review so I can make sure all my settings are correct, for playing and editing .avi files?  Once I import an .avi file into a sequence, is there something more I should do before I begin to edit and playback?



      If anyone could help me get started I would be very appreciative.



      My System


      AMD Anthlon 64 X2

      6400 3.2 GHZ (OverClocked to 3.42Ghz)

      8GB G-skill SDRAM (3.25GB recognized by XP Pro)c

      Nividia 8800GT Video Card

      OS Windows XP Pro SP3