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    Spring loaded layer folders that pop open on hover


      Every year I ask for this and every release it is ignored, but I'll try it anyway. Dragging layers into a layer folder should pop the folder open so you can drag the layer to wherever you like, rather than dropping it to the bottom of a layer folder. It shouldn't be hard


      thanks - see you in another 3 years




      In fact, heres a google cache of my Adobe Feature Request forum in 2006! http://snurl.com/smpxg


      im disapointed this didnt arrive in the new version as ive feature-requested this for 2 versions now >:(

      just so whilst dragging a layer/folder and you hover over a closed folder in the layers palette, it springs open so you can drop it where you like in the folder, rather than the bottom which is the wrong place 99% of the time.

      nice one!