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    Bold Text




      I am trying to embolden some text which I am adding via a script to a document.


      For example:


      This is really great.


      Is the any way I can 'Tag' text so Indesign will embolden this?


      ..or would I have to create my own tagging system ....This is <bold>really</bold> fun   ...?


      any ideas would be much appreciated. If it's the latter and someone had an example of how, I would really appreciate it.





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          Techi Panda Level 2

          Hi coully


          you can try this, this works in CS3


          create bold CharacterStyle


          var myTextFrame = app.selection[0];
          var myStory = myTextFrame.parentStory;
          app.findGrepPreferences = app.changeGrepPreferences = null;
          app.findGrepPreferences.findWhat = "<bold>([A-z]*)<\/bold>";
          app.changeGrepPreferences.changeTo = "$1";
          app.changeGrepPreferences.appliedCharacterStyle = 'bold';
          app.findGrepPreferences = app.changeGrepPreferences = null;





          a r u l

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            Coully Level 1

            Brilliant cheers arul.

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              Coully Level 1

              Found a weird one to do with this as well.


              If the text overflows it only seems to find the bold tags in the first line of the textframe / story. Possibly an Indesign bug? or is this intentional.


              I've tried switching all the FindChangeGrepOptions - Includes to true to no avail.


              any ideas?

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                Techi Panda Level 2

                Hi Coully


                can you give me a detail about your problem what you want to do now


                i feel hard to figure out your problem, can you give me some examples





                a r u l

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                  Coully Level 1

                  Sorry Arul,


                  I'm being a bit vague and I was wrong about the Overflow.


                  The problem I seem to be having is with GREP command itself.


                  The text that I am trying embolden is like this.


                  <strong>Ingredients</strong>: Water, <strong>Orange</strong>

                  Fruit from Concentrate (10%), Citric Acid, Sweeteners (Aspartame,

                  Saccharin), Preservatives (Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Metabisulphite),

                  <strong>Natural Flavouring</strong>, Acidity Regulator

                  (Sodium Citrate), Stabiliser (Cellulose Gum), Natural Colour

                  (Carotenes). <strong>Contains a Source of Phenylalanine.</strong>


                  When I run the script you kindly posted, it only emboldens 'Ingredients' and 'Orange' from the first line?


                  Is this something to do with spaces and punctuation??


                  Thanks mate

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                    Techi Panda Level 2

                    you just change the grep tag like this


                    find :  <bold>(.+?)<\/bold>

                    replace: $1






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                      Coully Level 1

                      Thanks very much Arul. That's great. Sorry one last question mate.


                      One that's getting missed is



                      <strong>www.microsoft.com<strong/> any ideas why?




                      Ignore me it was a typo '/' in the wrong place.





                      Thanks for all your help arul.

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                        Coully Level 1

                        Ignore me arul it was a typo


                        the '/' was in the wrong place


                        Thanksfor all your help arul.

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                          Techi Panda Level 2

                          i think there is a problem in your text




                          should be




                          differences in the strong closing tag





                          a r u l