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    How to convert Flash output to a JPEG?

    federatedfilms Level 1

      I want to allow a user to create a comic page layout in Flash which would allow them to upload JPEGs into the comic page layout then the Flash interface would allow them to move them around and add speach bubbles.


      I would then like these to be uploaded to my web server and the whole thing converted to a JPEG. What would be involved to achieve this?





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          RossRitchey Level 4

          You would need a MovieClip with drop zones inside of it (other Movie Clips ideally).


          I recommend publishing for player 10, since some classes that came out with it are much friendlier for the loading of files from the users computer.  If you Google "AS3 local file load" or something similar you should be able to find a tutorial to get you through this step.


          Then, once the user has loaded things, you would need a function (probably fired from a button click) that takes the snapshot of the page.  This is done via the BitmapData class.  Google it for detailed information.


          And then, to save the file out to the server, you will likely need a server-side technology (but I haven't looked into server-side saving from player 10 yet, so I may be wrong).  Look for "AS3 save image to server" or something similar.

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            federatedfilms Level 1

            Thanks Ross, that's most helpful.


            Would the bitmap class only grab what is visible on the screen or if the comic strip was on a scrollable MovieClip would it grab what was off screen? As I think the bitmap would have to be larger than the visible screen space for it to be useable as a comic strip.