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    Some problems with Premiere PRO CS4 and Snow Leopard.




      I've some problems with Premiere Pro CS4. I upgrade to Snow leopard, and now, when I want to import something (music, video or something else) with the spotlight search (in the importation windows) premiere pro crash....


      So if I want to import something I've to select manually each files...


      Moreover, Media Encoder become very slow to load project before rendering. It's weird because my project has just five or six video (between 50 and 82 mo each) it's not huge...


      Do you know how to fix this ?

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          A lot of folk are having major issues with many Adobe programs and Snow Leopard. You are not alone. For many, rolling-back to Leopard has been the cure. From "word on the street," it appears that Apple is aware of these issues and are working on an OS update. I have no schedule, but that word was out about a month ago, so let's hope that the update is soon in coming.


          You might want to do a Search on this, the Encore and the PS fora for "Snow Leopard." There are plenty articles.


          Good luck,