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    My flashmovie in Director mx2004 doesn´t LOOP???


      I have created a flashmovie (.flv). Then I have created a player with controllbar in Flash. So now I have 3 fils. One player (.swf), one skin to the player (.swf) and one move (flv). I have imortded the the palyer in director and linked it. I can´t see the movie at all in director. It is all black. But when I have published it and linked the 3 files to the server, then I can see the movie on the internetpage. But the flashmovie doesen´t LOOP although I have checked "loop" in director.


      Does anyone know why the flashmovie does´t loop and why can´t I see my flashmovies in Director. Its all black, but it turns out visible later on the web?