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    XML Not loading images on server


      I have a flash site, which uses XML to load an image gallery, but it cant find the images on the server even though they are there. It works fine locally.


      In firebug, each image is listed in the net tab as found, but when you click on it, there is an error message...

      'Failed to load source for: http://www.marcomdesign.co.uk/thumbnails/Image9.jpg'

      Plus an error page is listed for each of the images.


      If you click on one of the other button's in the gallery strip on the site, it tries to find Freeola's (my host) 'crossdomain.xml' file which doesn't seen to be there, could this be a cause?


      I'm using Flash CS3 with AS3.


      Here is a link to the flash site..