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    Sports management game developpement under AIR - Join us?


      Hi everybody


      I would launch a project that the thinking process is now finished.


      The project is to create a cycling team management game developped on AIR

      Personally i'm graphic designer and creative. I would lead the project, all 2D aspect of the menu are finished and the mechanism of the game project are 85% finished.


      I choose AIR environement because :

      1. I would have a game that can be runned alone in a computer without internet browser
      2. I would the game have online connection for multiplayer ranking
      3. I have followed AS3 programming course and this way I can get closer to the project

      Sought-after profile?

      -You are sport passionated
      -Motivated by creating a management game
      -You have some free time after work, studies or something else (round 2Hours a week minimum much will be apreciated)

      different profile are needed:

      - A Action Script 3 programmer (to work together with me)
      - People that have SQL/AS3 Knowledge (to work on the DB part)
      - People that have knowledge in 3D/Flash/AS3 (to work on the race engine cyclist part)

      More infos about the project will follow after the team get complete.

      This project won't be selled the motivation is to create a good game played by much player.



      You could appliying here


      Thanks for your cooperation