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    Unable to download flex-pmd-maven-plugin 1.0.RC4

    Alex Albericio Level 1

      Hi there,


        I don't know why but my maven is unable to download the release version on the plugin (snapshot download fine). I've got this in my pom:











      And this in my settings.xml:



        <id>Adobe flexpmd open-source</id>

        <name>Adobe flexpmd open-source Repository</name>










      Maven says: Downloading: http://opensource.adobe.com/svn/opensource/flexpmd/maven-repository/release/com/adobe/ac/f lex-pmd-maven-plugin/1.0.RC4/flex-pmd-maven-plugin-1.0.RC4.pom


      ..but nothing is downloaded


      Is there something wrong with this config?


      Thanks in advance,