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    Branch target offset too large for short - using CFThread


      I am just starting to get into using CFThread.  I have a process I am working on to allow clients to order background reports on multiple applicants simultaneously.  I am doing this using CFThread.  Through some trial and error I discovered that I needed to var scope the variables that are used in the CFC's that do the bulk of the report processing.  As soon as I did that I started getting the error "                                                                                                                                                      Branch target offset too large for short". Everything I have read on this error basically says I have too much code in the CFC which doesn't make sense as I am using this CFC in several other places in the site without error.  The problem only occured after var scoping my variables in the CFC and them sticking that CFC inside a CFTHread tag.


      Has only one seen anything like this before?