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    After successful install, I am unable to use RoboHelp 7 because of constant refresh of file lists


      RoboHELP 7 installed on Windows XP


      Our enterprise support team installed RH7 on my new laptop via our corporate intranet.  I received an e-mail message reporting that the install failed so I contacted the support team, someone logged on to my machine by remote and did an uninstall of RH7.  Then, the install was done again and the same failure message was received.  Then, RH was uninstalled and the install was attempted for the third time.  Again, I received the failure message.  I had noticed that after each install the icons appeared on my desktop.  So, after this third install, I went ahead and clicked the RH7 HTML icon and the program seemed to start properly.  I have a key number from our enterprise team and I entered the key number to complete the registration.  The UI appeared and I selected my recent project.  RH built the file lists that I expected to see in the left panes of the interface but the file lists kept "twitching" and the cursor kept changing to the hourglass and back.  This happened about once every two or three seconds and I could not move my cursor fast enough to select a file.


      One of my co-workers suggested that I uninstall RH7 myself, check the registry and erase any robohelp entries.  I know this is risky but I am confident I can do it.  However, I would like to hear from any RH experts about how to solve this "twitching" problem, if there are other possible solutions.  Thanks.