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    Exporting format for best quality/file size






      Nubie to after effects, pretty much got my head round most of the basics except exporting/rendering my projects.


      I can export to Encore and get great results as a dvd...problems i have are as follows.


      If I wish to create a presentation for a plama screen running on a laptop what might be the best format to render. For example I have tried .AVI but the file sizes are huge..gigs n gigs worth!!


      I have a 720 x 576 project I would currently like to export but do not know how to get the right balance of quality and file size.


      Are there any presets anyone knows of?







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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, if you are referring to plain desktop playback from a Windows-based laptop, nothing beats WMV. It will play smoothly and if you ramp up the data rates to somewhere between 2 and 3 Mbit/sec, you see almost no adisturbances at this resolution. You will need to work in square pixels, though, or it may look crooked, so nest all your work in a respective comp for final render.