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    make a scaleable object that has portions that are not to be scaled


      ok... this is just a question on, if this can be done at all. cause im kinda thinking it cant but i could be wrong....

      im making a comic. and im using illustrator to letter it all, (balloons and captions)


      for the captions i have made a unique shaped box. basically a box that has inverted round corners...

      for example ( see the captions, not the word balloons)...



      now the way im making them is to put the text down... make a regular rectangle that fits around the text. then make four 10 pt circles that sit on thier center on each of the four corners of the rectangle. then i use pathfinder and "minus front" to make the shape


      my question is. is there a method to make that caption box be replicated and scaled BUT keep the four inverted round corners the same size. staying the 10 diameter, without having them get bigger. or do i have to always go through the process the every time i make one since the captions boxes are never the same size twice.