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    Transitions not burning to disc


      Hi, im having a big problem with my adobe premiere elements 7 software, i have created a dvd using transitions between each scene, i preview it and watch it back and it plays fine , when i burn the film to disc (sony disc) and watch the dvd the transitions are not working at all instead its just black? any one have any ideas why this is happening?  thanks

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Welcome to the forum.


          First, can you give us details on your Project Preset (assume DV in either Standard, or Widescreen and NTSC, or PAL, but clarification might help).


          Next, please tell us about your source footage.


          Last, please tell us which Transitions you are applying, and can you upload a screen-cap of your Timeline, showing the Transition. Hint: use the little "camera" icon in the lower-middle of the forum's editing screen, so that your screen-cap does not have to go through queue. Also, make sure that it is in JPEG, BMP or PNG format.


          Thanks, and we'll be looking for the info and screen-cap.


          Good luck,



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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            What specific display card does your computer have and when was it updated last? NVIDIA??


            Is your problem just with this one DVD-VIDEO or do all your burn to disc projects suffer from the same problem, namely no transitions? Has burn to disc ever worked for you so that you could successfully include transitions in the final DVD-VIDEO?


            Also, are you saying that your final DVD-VIDEO shows the videos/photos to be expected (OK) but with black where the transition should be?


            Also, what happens if you open a new project and burn that to disc? Same issue with the transitions? As Hunt asked, which ones. Does it make a difference which one?


            To be continued....



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              VDOSurfer Level 3

              I have had no such problems on burning video with transitions... If something like this happened to me, I would see if something is wrong in rendering the clip in the timeline. (That's pressing "Enter" on selecting the clip there.) I have had some very old videos that refused to render right and they gave me problems. Look out for a small red cross on the bottom left of the app window in case of a problem.


              You could try to burn it to DVD after this rendering.


              Good luck

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                A.T. Romano Level 7

                Since rendering the Timeline in the Edit Mode of the program will give you the best possible Preview of what the end product should look like (not improve Quality), I would be interested in a before and after rendering the Timeline look before moving forward to a Burn To Disc.



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                  cccj Level 1



                  thanks for replying....

                  My project preset is DV In widescreen pal. the transition i use is cross disolve, its never happened before and it works fine on my other laptop with the same software!!! so i dont understand why its not working. i have tried other transitions aswell as the cross dissolve and they are all doing the same!? (are black where the transition is suppose to be)



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                    Allen Joy Level 1

                    Can you try burning the Project to folder or try Exporting to DV-AVI format to be sure that whether transitions are getting lost in that case as well. If not then its a burning problem. Otherwise it might be a problem with software installation