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    Color Management

    maralena Level 1

      Why is it that when I print something straight from a PDF the colors come out Fantastic,

      But when I Import it to Quark for multiple Prints etc.

      The color comes out completely wrong?

      and How do If fix it?

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          Printer_Rick Level 4

          Printing from Quark or Acrobat or Illustrator are 3 different things.


          Best to get them all on the same playing field. With Quark, export to PDF and open with Acrobat. With Illustrator, open the Illustrator file with Acrobat.


          Compare the two. Do they look the same? If so try printing from Acrobat.


          Something else to consider is the print device you are using. Many prefer RGB input, so you would output RGB. But you have to have a good understanding of color management to get consistent output from different applications. You also have to decide if you want to let Acrobat handle the color management, or rely on the color management of the print device.

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            maralena Level 1

            Yes, I know there are endless possibilities for outputting.

            I have been struggling to get some general settings for output. But there are as I know endless possiblities, from the start all the way to the end product. The previous employee here was lucky enought to get a 2 day training on-site. I was unlucky enough to come in 2 Days before she left the business. Eventually I will pull together all the ICC profiles and paper choices, and Output definitions, and then go to the device and try to figure that out too.

            thanks anyhow.

            Wish someone could give me some basic settings to start with though

            Printing proofs for sheefed printers with Pantone Colors on A Xerox

            Xerox has been absolutely no help at all so far - other than calibrating the machine.

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              Printer_Rick Level 4

              Best to get the Adobe color settings synchronized using Bridge.


              For Illustrator I recommend using CMYK document mode for print design and production.


              What version of Quark? You can set up Quark CM too. It's a little more involved than Adobe CM but not impossible.


              What is your workflow? Illustrator artwork, placed into Quark, then output to PDF?


              Try using a PDF standard when outputting from Quark, such as PDF/X-1a.


              If you don't have a RIP, print the PDF to the Xerox using Acrobat Pro. In Acrobat print dialog, under Advanced: Color Management, select Acrobat Color Management, then select the Xerox paper profile.


              Also when viewing the PDF in Acrobat utilize Advanced: Print Production: Output Preview.

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                maralena Level 1

                My problem isn't so much the output of original PDF's that customers send, Or any of the Adobe products.

                It's 98% of the time When Let say I have to import a PDF into a Quark Document along with other data.

                This is probably not your specialty because it is Quark - But I'll give it a shot.

                Basically I want all of my products to come out close to looking like they were printed on our press.


                From the Start: Quark Preferences -

                                         Proof Output: I always choose Sheetfed Uncoated or Coated depending on the paper

                                         Rendering Intent: I am not sure what the best is but I choose Relative Colormetric

                                         Then I checked the boxed for Color managing EPS and PDF Files.


                Then I have the choice of Under Edit: Source or Output? have never messed with those.


                Then I go to print: and I have another bunch of settings: Composite, Composite and spot, As is, RGB, Sheetfed Coated, Uncoated, Etc. basically the same choices as the preferences in Quark. Ok so those of course I set depending on the job. Again Usually I use Sheefed Coated or Uncoated assuming these profiles should match the PMS colors to print on the press.


                Then There is the OPI - Which Is off -


                Then I send to our Xerox for pre-press proof on the specified paper, which another person chooses the paper specs from there and prints out my proofs. God knows if it saves my settings or if it changes all of them.


                But could you tell me if I'm on the right track for the first set of color managment settings?

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                  Printer_Rick Level 4

                  In Quark with no documents open:



                  1. Edit: Color Setups: Source: New, give it a unique name


                  Pick your RGB and CMYK profiles. Do not enable same source destinations.



                  2. Edit: Color Setups: Output: New, give it a unique name


                  Mode Composite, Model Device N, pick the CMYK profile. Do not convert spots.



                  3. Prefs: Color Manager:


                  Color Engine Auto, BPC on


                  Select your new Source Setup you just made


                  Check on enable access to picture profiles


                  Soft proofing proof output select the new Output Setup you just made


                  Relative Colorimetric is fine


                  Color manage vector EPS and PDF enabled




                  Please note:


                  The source and output setups are available for use on any existing docs. The prefs are set for future docs. However the prefs must be set on existing docs or files you receive from other people.


                  The settings enable Quark to properly convert RGB to press CMYK and maintain spot colors.


                  I recommend outputting a PDF from Quark and then printing the PDF to the Xerox from Acrobat. Choose a preset such as PDF/X-1a. Modify and save the export preset and give it a unique name. In the preset under Color: Setup, select your new Output style.




                  1. What version of Quark?


                  2. How does Illy figure in? Are you placing Illustrator files into Quark?

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                    maralena Level 1

                    Yes sometime designers provide me with quark documents that have Illustrator logos, in them.

                    Thanks - you have been very helpful.

                    love this forum!

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                      maralena Level 1

                      I am in Quark 7.5

                      Once I go to Source I have a ton of options for RGB Source And CMYK Source.

                      There are no Options to disable same source Destinations?

                      Here is what I have chosen


                      Solid Colors

                      Profile: Adobe RGB (1998)

                      Rendering Ineent: Releative Colormetric

                      Pictures: Adobe RGB (1998)

                      Rendering Intent: Adobe RGB (1998)




                      Profile: U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2

                      Rendering: Relative Colormetric

                      Same For Photos


                      I did not check the box to enable sources to Destinations


                      As Far as tge Output: I Picked Generic CMYK, I had Quark options as well as sheefed options. not sure which is best or if I may need to set up several different versions depending on output I would imagine? a

                      nd OMG I had no Idea that option to convert spot to proces was even there! Thank You! Thank You I will try the PDF thing tommorow! Can't wait to see results. Have to wait everyone has left the building.

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                        Printer_Rick Level 4

                        For RGB, Adobe RGB is a good  choice for print design and prepress.


                        U.S. Web Coated is OK for CMYK, it's what everyone uses. However you mentioned Sheetfed. I am not sure what standard your presses utilize. GRACoL is a newer standard for Sheetfed on a #1 coated sheet. You can find the profile here:




                        In the lower right


                        By same source destinations, I meant the "Color Manage RGB sources to RGB destinations" and "CM CMYK sources to CMYK destinations"


                        I guess it's OK to check the RGB, but that is only relevant if you do web output. If all you do is CMYK output is doesn't matter.

                        You definitely don't want to check the CMYK one. CMYK - CMYK conversions should only be done in special circumstances, and I wouldn't use Quark to do it.


                        In the Output Setup you do not want Generic CMYK. Set this profile to the very same CMYK profile you chose in the Source Setup. If necessary go to Utilities: Profile Manager to see all your available ICC profiles.


                        Also, after setting up Source and Output, you still have to go to the Prefs: Color Manager and set that up. Make sure you check on "Enable access to picture profiles". You will have to set the color manager prefs on any pre-existing files. Also on existing files use Utilities: Usage, go to "Profiles". You will see all the profiles in use, and what elements in the file are using them.


                        maralena wrote:


                        As Far as tge Output: I Picked Generic CMYK, I had Quark options as well as sheefed options. not sure which is best or if I may need to set up several different versions depending on output I would imagine? a

                        nd OMG I had no Idea that option to convert spot to proces was even there!

                        The convert to process only works for native colors in 7.5. If you have spot colors in links it probably won't convert those spot colors.


                        In those instances you either edit the link (i.e. if it's an Illy EPS change the color in Illy), or you output and change the spot to process in the PDF using Acrobat.


                        Here's the deal with Quark. It is not as good a document layout program as InDesign. With vers 7.5 you have to flatten transparencies on output (it will not export live transparency). vers 8.1 will however. Please note the Quark flattener is (at times) pretty awful. The Adobe flattener is much better.


                        Do not print blind from Quark XPress. I repeat - do not print blind from Quark XPress. By that I mean output to PDF. You can export to PDF. If that causes a problem for some reason, you have the option to print and distill. If you do this, actually produce a .ps file and drag it onto the Distiller window.


                        Create and save Output Styles for PDF and Print. In the "Color" portion select your Output Setup by "Setup"


                        Once you have the PDF, you can check it in Acrobat, and print to the Xerox from Acrobat. Use Acrobat to preflight and find any spot colors that need to be process.


                        Some of the Quark issues are avoided if you switch to InDesign. If you don't want to switch, or it's not your choice anyway, that's understandable, you can stick with Quark but proceed with caution.


                        One other note: avoid Photoshop EPS format. Stick with TIFF or PSD. Quark does not support all PSD files, but if it can't be placed it won't let you place it.

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                          Printer_Rick Level 4

                          Also if you do any uncoated work use a different CMYK profile for those. U.S. Sheetfed Uncoated v2 is pretty good. Set up additional Output Setups and Styles for those jobs.

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                            Printer_Rick Level 4

                            Never thought I'd have a Quark CM discussion in an Illustrator forum! But it's a good thing.


                            I was a little off about the Source color setups. Once you create these they will not be available for pre-existing documents.


                            There is a workaround. Once you've got the color setups defined with no documents open, make a new document and save the doc somewhere safe. Now when you open any document that does not have your special source setup, got to Edit: Color Setups: Source. Append, then browse to the document you saved. Now your unique source setups can be loaded into the document.


                            After that, in the document you still have to go to Prefs: Color Manager and set the proper prefs there.


                            I will be honest with you. The Quark CM is pretty involved. None of my clients bother with it. The two advantages in using it is:


                            1. Quark will convert RGB properly when you output, and

                            2. It allows Quark to produce the same soft proof CMYK color that you see in other apps such as Photoshop.


                            Bottom line, if everything is already CMYK, then the default settings produce a correct output. So most people make everything CMYK and use the default settings.


                            Something else too. Most people prefer to export PDFs out of Quark. But I almost always make a .ps then distill. It's a two step process, but the PDF result is a cleaner file.

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                              maralena Level 1

                              Just getting back to you on the set up for color management in quark. I know it was the wrong forum - but it has been working perfectly!

                              Thanks so much - I use In Design. - but  I don't control what people send me. So again - thanks so much very good info to follow!