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    Problems rendering H264 with error. Please help.

    tomfletcher1 Level 1

      Comp settings: 1920px x 1080px with square peicls aspect ration of 16:9. 30 Frames per second. The intended use is for the web.


      Render settings are at defaults


      Output module: Format is H.264. Video output settings are all set at default with VBR, 1 pass. The audio is at AAC 128bit.


      I try to render this and receive an error saying: After Effects: AEGP Plugin Media IO Plugin: There is a mismatch between Output Module settings and Transcode Settings. Please verify your settings and try again. Invalid framesize/framerate for this Level. Please lower the Frame Dimensions, Frame Rate or increase the Profile and Level and try again. MedialO2 error 0x00b0002 Frame dimensions out of bounds


      How or what does this even mean? Why is this so difficult?