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    Preload movie on HTML page


      Hi All,

      I'm trying to get videos to consistently load for the visitors of a site but after employing the preloader technique/tutorial described at http://www.gotoandlearn.com/play?id=85 titled "Preloading in ActionScript 3", Length: 14:25 I still get the videos loading sporadically on the page.


      The way I currently have the videos wired: Each one has a preloader swf file based off the above tutorial that points to a another swf file that points to a flv file. These flv file sizes are 3.1MB, 5.6MB and 6.1MB. The preloader swf files are only about 60K.


      The three videos on the page now show an splash image when the videos have been loaded on the web page but when one of the videos is clicked on it does not always start playing. If I refresh the page and try again this usually fixes it at least for me but not for all visitors.


      Some questions runnning through my head...

      Do the flv files have to be fully loaded to start playing?

      When I load this HTML page with the three videos do they all try and load the entire flv files or just the swf containing the flv file. If just the swf container does the container then wait for the visitor's click to begin playing the flv file?

      Would it help to have each video on it's own web page or does this not really matter?


      Any clues would be helpful. Here is the page in question in case you would like to see for yourself.



      - Scott