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    AE files linked in PPro not playing correctly


      I'm working on project in PPro.


      The project has around 20 linked AE comps - all from the same .aep file.


      They're linked correctly (Import dynamic link)


      When I play any of the comps in AE they're perfect.


      However, when I scrub, or render the timeline in Ppro, some of the comps don't render properly. They contain elements of other comps - so the image flickers between one comp and another, for instance.


      This doesn't happen in the same place every time - sometimes, if I change a comp, it will then behave correctly in Ppro - other times not.


      I've tried:


      > Rebooting


      > Purging everything in AE (using Purge option)


      > Deleting all the render files in Ppro


      > Rendering short sections, long sections etc.


      It makes me look, and feel like I'm going mad - comps on the timeline don't play the images I've set up.


      This system is less than a month old - and so far, CS4 is a big disappointment.


      Yet I can't go backwards to CS3, as I've got too many projects half complete on CS4.


      Can anyone solve the above?


      Thanks, Linda


      i7 PC base unit, inc i7-920 CPU, 12GB RAM, 500GB system disk, 1TB data disk (plus 2x eSATA ports for external disks), DVD-RW, BluRay-RW, 896MB 275GTX graphics card, Vista 64 Business, Matrox RTX2 card, CS4 Production Suite

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          That sounds like an OpenGL issue. I recommend you turn it off in AE to avoid leaky concurrent resource usage in Premiere. After all, DynamicLink is just an invisible AE that still uses your prefs. Also check your graphics card driver. Installing the latest one may already fix it. If it doesn't, the next logical thing would be to have a look at Premiere's hardware acceleration options, both in the prefs and the preview monitor's own littel flyout menu. It's most definitely a matetr of which combination works, not so much a general failure on eitehr end.



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            Rossiter Level 1



            Your advice, as ever, is much appreciated.


            Having turned off Open GL, I'm letting the timeline render again, while I also download last week's new Nvidia driver.


            As you're obviously very familiar with these programmes, can I ask a broader question?


            Am I expecting too much?


            I assumed that I could work comfortably between AE and PPro - always only a one way link from from AE, bringing comps onto the timeline for inclusion within a larger production.


            But since I've had this CS4 system, the process has been anything but smooth... I'm endlessly looking for workrounds:


            > Watching PPro crash when I change an AE comp


            > Seeing PPro lock up, unable to conform a new comp


            > Seeing "green" Ppro rendered areas turn red again on reboot (scratch discs set same as project)


            > Seeing "red" to-be-rendered areas in Ppro turn green if I shut AE.


            > Seeing clip content swapped (today's grief).


            At the moment I'm trying to work through each specific complaint, whether by myself, here, with Matrox or with Adobe support.


            But, yet again, I'm now in the studio at 9.30pm desparately trying to complete anything.


            So... should I go back a couple of years to rendering AE clips and importing the renders, or should this system really work?


            An honest opinion would be welcomed - good or bad....


            Thank you, Linda

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              I'm not at all that familiar with Premiere, as I use it only for my hobbyist ventures at home (at work we use Avid), but I know how to use it to fill my needs. Anyway, a lot of what you describe may once more boil down to the Matrox card and the associated CoDecs. Other users have reported weird things happening occasionally as well. Since the card hooks into your graphics card resource to establish its capture and preview buffer, it may interfere with other functions. I can't offer any specific advise since I don't have such a card, but back in the day when we were using a Matrox DigiSuite, those things had a priority setting/ slider to balance resource usage. I would look into that and set aside a little more video memory for the video buffer, if possible. This may greatly improve stability. Another way would be to completely disable it, at the cost of possibly losing some realtimeness, then only selectively enable it when you do captures. also investigate, whether Matrox offer updated versions of their CoDecs. The ones you have my simply not be "safe" for a hyperthreading-enabled multicore system, such as you have. Memory leaks in CoDecs are not that uncommon. for more specific questions you should stop by in the premiere forum. The RTX cards seem quite popular, so there's a good chance you can find someone who may better be able to help.



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                I'm having the same issue, where PrePro is mixing up comps from AE.


                Did you ever find a solution?