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    RemoteObject concurrency

    CatPoweredTM Level 1

      I'm playing with the remoteObject and I'm wondering how it works under the following situations.


      1. when the concurrency mode is "default" or "multiple", does the result handler for each of the call I make.

      .e.g I have a remoteObject with result handler callback(...).

      if I make 5 calls to remoteObject.method1 and 5 calls to remoteObject.method2, does my callback function get called for 10 times?

      what about remoteObject.method1.lastResult? Do I get a different lastResult in each of the callback calls? I tried this a little bit and this appears not to be the case. Are there workarounds?


      2. I saw in mxml, one can  add a <mx:method name="functionName" result="callback()"> tag to a remoteobject to be able to specify different callbacks for different methods. how do I do this in actionScript? I couldn't find the call.


      3. for a remoteObject with concurrency mode being "single". The spec says a fault is generated if trying to invoke a method while having a call pending already. How do I check for pending calls? and how do I do the waiting properly? If I remember correctly,there is no threading done. Do I get around this by using setTimeout(sameMethod, someTiemout, sameargs)?


      thank you very much