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    ModuleEvent not sent when dynamically loading modules

    Mike Bauer Level 1

      We are using Flex 3, PureMVC with Fabrication.  We have several modules that we load dynamically using the FlexModuleLoader that comes in the Fabrications API.  However, we have one module that is not getting the ModuleEvent.READY sent.


      I have traced our code all the way through the Fabrication API and into the Flex 3 API source.  I end up on line 443 mx.modules.of ModuleManager.as, the line that ready:
            loader.load(r, c);


      However, I cannot trace any further as the "loader" in question is a flash.display.Loader, which is not part of the Flex APIs, so I don't have the source.  I am guessing there is something obscurly wrong with this module we are trying to load, but we are not getting any errors at all and without the ModuleEvent.READY, the code doesn't know the module got loaded and hence can't remove the progress bar and continue.  We have combed through the code and the project settings, and noted no significant differences from the other modules that are working and this module that is not.


      Has anyone else noticed this behavior?  Does anyone know what I might do to fix it or some way to at least peer into the code a bit and see whats failing?