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    Sluggish and then (Not Responding) in RH 8 -- what are the lilo files?

    yenelli Level 1

      RH 8 has had severe performance problems with a particular Help Project for the past few days:


      like 3 or 4 words behind my typing.

      not even opening a topic if I click on it

      not closing any of the open topics when I click the X in the topic tab


      Today when it quit working altogether and sent a log file off to Adobe, I peeked into the content before it was sent. I'm using version


      Further, a temp directory has 1.35 mb in 178 files all of which read lilo<7-digit number>, all of which were generated today. I know because yesterday I cleaned out my temp directories...including thousands(?) of lilo1515548 files, and today, with virtually no "work" accomplished (outside of publishing to a different server location),  I have a whole new crop. The guts of these files is machine code (squiggles, with telltale references to ColdFusion, JobReady, RoboHelp,RoboInfo,FreeHand, FrameMaker,Homesite,LiveCycle,Flashcast,PostScript etc.). The only Adobe product I have installed* and am using is RoboHelp 8. It makes me wonder...what's going on with RH? Are there product updates I don't know about?


      *except, of course Adobe Reader, but I'm not using that.



      Does RH 8 'get sick' (I am working on a project I created with a try-b4-u-buy version of RH 7. Is this causing the hiccup?


      I found PeterG's suggestion to add the BaseCSS_res.dll to my RH ...\RoboHTML\en_us folder. And that helped A LOT! But I want to know how to address the lilo files that are growing like cancer in my temp folders.


      PS: I cross posted this because the first and only Adobe hit for 'lilo' was in the InDesign SDK. So I posted there first. But, since I'm not using that product nor doing SDK stuff, I'm adding this to the RH user group.