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    Disappearing Images in Firefox


      I created a topic in RoboHelp 8 HTML that contains two images. When you click an image you end up on a secondary page. This works fine in IE and Chrome, but in Firefox the browser replaces the images with links named after the alt attribute. For some reason it isn't recognizing the images. Here's the sample of the code:


      <a href="legacycustomerclient_help.html" border="0">
      <img src="..\Images\sessionoptions_help_clip_image002.jpg"
      ="Standard Customer Interface" width="384" height="194" border="0" />

      I originally thought there was a problem with the link to the image (jpg) but the other browsers have no problem with it. For Firefox, I get a link for this
      that says:

      Standard Customer Interface

      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.