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    Add File Properties/Summary to render in After Effects?


      Is there a way to add file description info to a render in after effects?



      For instance:


      I want to render out my sequence as an WMV - set up the render and output settings for that etc.


      Once it's rendered I want to be able to right click on the file in Windows, click Properties, go to the Summary tab and see a specific title, let's say "Happy Bunnies" in the "Title" space in the description - Or if I open it in window media player, I want it to say "Happy Bunnies" as the title under "Now playing"


      I don't want the file name to be Happy Bunnies.wmv - just the title of the video.


      Is it possible to add properties like that to the output settings in After Effects?  If I have 10 videos, I don't want to have to change that in all of them individually in windows - but rather add it to an output template in after effects.



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          Good question, but for the most part I believe the answer is No. The real question here is, how this metadata gets added and AE does not support Title, Author and so on. when you do this in Media Player, it also only exists locally in your Library until you choose to update your media information. The only AE supports are chapters. When you add markers to a timeline and enter text in teh Chapter field, it will appear in the respective menu in WMP. short of that, you will have to use otehr tools, it seems. Windows Media Encoder is free, so that would be one option otehr tools, e.g. the one bundled with Nero Burning ROM also can as can of course several alternative commercial converters.