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    I can't open tiff in raw. I have opened the same files in raw in the past.

    margieannejulie Level 1

      Hi D Fosse (and everybody else) are you still there? You won't believe, but I am having the oposite problem! I have some tiff, and they have never been converted to PSD, and I can't open them in raw. Actually, they are scans from the lab. However, they have been in raw sometimes in the past, yes, and they are still tiff. Using your precious info I went to:

      Photoshop pref>file handling>prefer camera raw for jpeg and supported file, (I know, they are tiff, but just in case): CHECKED

      Bridge pref>thumbnails>pref adobe camera raw for tiff files: CHECKED

      Camera raw pref>always open jpeg tiff using camera raw: CHECKED

      But the magic didn't work.