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    After Effects Plugin Error when launching


      I recently installed Red Giant Knoll Light Magic Pro plugin and get the following error when launching AE CS4 9.02 on a 2.53Ghz Intel Macbook Pro with 4Gb Ram and Snow Leopard.


      After Effects has encountered an error.
      [/Chincillada/pro/ext/adobe/MediaCore/MediaLayer/VideoFilterHost/Make/Mac/../../Src/AEPlug inVideoFilterModule.cpp-107]

      then I get:
      After Effects can't continue: An output contract violation has occured!

      After Effects warning: Failed to initialize mediacore



      I have also lodged a support ticket with Red Giant but wanted to see if anyone had experienced, or could shed any light on this error code.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          As a start, move the KLF plug-in out of the shared MediaCore folder (Library:Apllication Support:Adobe and something; not on my Mac ATM) to the conventional AE plug-in folder (Applications:Adobe After Effects CS4:Support Files:Plug-Ins) I've reminded my friends at RG a hundred times, but their installer stil luses bad default locations. If that doesn't fix it, then indeed you have a problem. Which version of the plug-in are you using? Most complaints revolve around v2.5's GPU usage, which is on by default and causes a lot of trouble. Older versions do not do this, so they are more stable....



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            nogoodnames Level 1

            Tried moving the files to the plugins folder, AE launches fine but when you try to apply an effect a message pops up saying 'cannot find entry point for [plugin name]'.  Red Giant support just recommended checking permissions on the files but that didn't work, same errors about mediacore when launched.  Thinking the only way forward is to re-install CS4, bit of a pain but I need this plugin to work on some files I've been sent.


            Thanks for your help so far.

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              Bob Currier Level 3

              You can get that error if you are using an outdated plug-in. For example, a PowerPC plug-in that hasn't been updated to support Intel. Or a CFM plug-in that hasn't been updated to MachO.


              Make sure that the version of the plug-in you have is CS4 compatible.