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    PLEASE someone help me in exporting to GIF

    Bowzetto Level 1

      [Stated before but no one answered: PLEASE HELP!!!]    


      I have a Flash movie [CS3 Pro] and want to export it as a gif. Have no choice because it is going in a forum and they only accept JPEGS & Gifs. Since it's animated well, it has to be a GIF. Unfortunately, the export is too huge!! [7+ megs]. Can't seem to get it smaller. Even using AS 2.


      What export options should / can I choose to make it smaller. Even tried resizing in the export box from 808x609 to 600x400. Even the res went down to 56 instead of 72.


      Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions? Know very little AS as it is but is there someting on the timeline I can do with actions to make the file smaller? Say like AS some of the motion tweens? Hey whatever, if anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. And THANKS in advance!!  If anyone needs the FLA to look at, let me know.






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          Adamcbrz Level 2

          I am pretty sure there is nothing you can do but simplify your animation, make it smaller(dimensions), or lower quaility to bring down file size. Since you are going to an animated gif weather you do actionscript or timeline animations won't make much of a difference because each frame willl be rendered out for the gif. So there aren't alot of options except to make everything smaller. Is there not a way to upload the file somewhere else and link to it on the forum?


          What are you trying to post on a forum that needs to be 600x400?


          - Adam

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            Bowzetto Level 1

            Hi Adam,


            Thanks for your answer. I figured that would be the answer because it IZ a GIF and gifs are well, BIGGER than SWF's. It's a forum where folks can post [and do] their graphics [JPEGS]. I like to do animationa and folks get a kick out of them.


            I'll tell ya, if you're into Webkinz [www.webkinz.com] and you go to the forums that Webkinz folks are involved in, you'd see what I mean. The forums are:



            I do, like I said, animations of the Webkinz. Stores sell the "stuffies" or "plushies" and you "adopt" them at Webkinz and play with them virtually [on line]. I have created silly "spoofs" of some of the "happenings" at Webkinz. If you went to the Webkinzaddictz and did a search for the new "Wheel of Oy" [based on the original Wheel of Wow], you'd see what I mean. The original file [GIF] when exported was 7megs+. I created a smaller file and it's 4megs which I will "upload" in a few moments using "imageshack" and they members of the forum love the crazy things I've done.


            Anyway, I do appreciate you answering the question. I was just wondering in the export dialog box that comes up what options would be best to chose. Ya know, "interlace" "smooth" I chose 128 colors and it looks grainy but the file IZ smaller. Do you have a suggestion as to what options to chose in that export dialog box??


            Thanks for your help,