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    Dear Adobe:  We need more "Data Centric" examples and videos

    RedOctober57 Level 1

      Many of my data centric questions are unanswered (for days now).  This tells me that no one in the community knows the answers, which is probably because FlashBuilder 4 and using it against a ColdFusionBuilder 1 server are still so "new".  My customers are not impressed with bandwith sucking flashing, flipping, popping, spinning effects, with help hints. That's "kid stuff".  They only want and care about lightning fast response time, tons of data at their fingertips, and reliability.  They'll add their own images and suffer the bandwidth downside if they choose, but that's up to them.  The things I need to know how to do are very very simple:


      1) Fetch data, into a grid or form (nailed, thanks for the video and examples)

      2) Commit data  changed in the form or grid back to the DB (Not answered)

      3) Create a new record from within the form or grid  (Huh? No video or examples)

      4) Create new form popup windows based on a record selected in a grid (Got it, working good)

      5) Refresh a row in a grid without mucking around with the user's selected row or indexed column (How? Unknown)

      6) Delete a record in a form or a grid and commit the delete to the back end (Again, unknown)



      Basically I need to know CRUD.  Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete



      I'm really struggling with getting the answers to these simple questions. The helps are GREATLY DETAILED but the other side of that same coin is that they give me information overload explaining all the things that CAN be done, when I just need to know the CRUD basics.  Please make some more videos showing CRUD.  FlashBuilder and ColdFusionBuilder are going to be serious candidates for massive data handling only if we can get developers onto this product quickly.


      Massive Data Handling = 200 Tables, 200 fields in each table, 200 indexes, 500 constraints, one third of a billion records total in all tables, and I want to find a specific 4 records, in no more than 4 mouse clicks, and response time of 2 seconds or less.


      Unless I'm being unreasonable, and Adobe products are not the way I should go to achieve these goals.

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          RedOctober57 Level 1

          Also, I think it must he pretty easy... in the "Generate form" function, can you also include, along with all the fields and binding... a Commit and Undo buttons, along with the associated click events to make them function?  The programmer could then just position these items on the form a BAM! done.


          Commit button = commit changed data to DB

          Undo = refresh text inputs from DB with original unchanged data (discard changes)

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            Mayank (Adobe) Adobe Employee

            There are some links to videos as tutorials on this page: http://sujitreddyg.wordpress.com/flash-builder-4/


            Hope this helps.

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              RedOctober57 Level 1

              Hi Mayank,


              These instructions look fantastic.  They cover the stuff I need to know how to do.   I appreciate your efforts VERY MUCH and am following along dilegently.  I'm trying to transpose your very good and detailed instructions into my own project.   I'm stuck on the following line:


              In your example:


              productService.serviceControl.autoCommit = false;



              I'm transposing it to my project, which should read:


              baa_data_svc.serviceControl.autoCommit = false;


              Because I have a <Declarations> tag of:


                      <valueObjects:BAA_SBJ id="bAA_SBJ"/>
                      <s:CallResponder id="getSBJsResult"/>
                          fault="Alert.show(event.fault.faultString + '\n' + event.fault.faultDetail)"


              When I try to run the project, I get the following error:


              Error: Cannot assign operations into an RPC Service (autoCommit)


              I have tried including and excluding the import:


              import mx.rpc.events.ResultEvent;


              but it makes no difference.


              What am I doing wrong?  I need the autoCommit to be shut off, just like in your example.


              Thanks for your kind help in this matter.

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                Mayank (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                Have you enabled data management yet? The autoCommit property is available in serviceControl only when data management has been enabled.

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                  RedOctober57 Level 1

                  I have 4 Data Types in my Data/Services panel, and I have enabled Data Managment on 3 of them, including the only one that I am currently trying to get working.  The autoCommit property is still not available. (I am following the instructions on Sujit G's web site correctly as far as I can see)




                  I'm struggling with FlashBuilder 4.  I would like to get started on building my projects, and not fiddling with FlashBuilder.  I would like to hire you as a tutor.  Is there a way I can contact you?  I'm on Skype.  I have tried to contact Sujit G a minute ago to see if he could be a tutor for me.  If I could get one of you guys to help me out, it would save me a lot of head pain.

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                    RedOctober57 Level 1

                    Here is what I have that is not allowing the .autoCommit property to be "visible" in code complete, and it throws the error described in the previous post when the line is executed.


                    <Application ...






                                import services.baa_data_svc.*;   // I don't know if this line is necessary.  With, or without, makes no difference.  Error still occurs.



                                protected function btnGo_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void


                                    baa_data_svc.serviceControl.               // Code hints don't show "autoCommit", but I can manually type it in (but it will error at run time)





                            <valueObjects:BAA_SBJ id="bAA_SBJ"/>


                                fault="Alert.show(event.fault.faultString + '\n' + event.fault.faultDetail)"


                            <s:CallResponder id="getSBJsResult"/>



                    "Enabled Data Managment" is set up on the BAA_SBJ data type.