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    Video blinks


      I'm still using the unregistered trial version (Premier Elements 8), so that might be part of the problem.  But I'm having issues on some of my videos.  It doesn't happen to all of them.  I use the same configuration settings for all of my videos.


      I'm noticing a problem about 1.5 minutes into a 2 minute video, the video kind of blinks.  Not a black/white blink, but moreso a fuzzy/clear blink.  It's rythmic, like it's following the beat of a song, but there's no audio in the video.


      Any thoughts?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Most likely it's related to your source files.


          What kind of camcorder did this video come from and how did you get it into your computer?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Along with the answer to Steve's question, do you have any Effects added to your Clip(s)? The reason that I ask is because many of the "Auto" Effects can cause "pulsing," which I find highly objectionable.


            Good luck,



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              .Aspect. Level 1

              Camcorder is a Canon Vixia HV30.  The video was transferred as a MPEG in HDV format.  If I view the MPEG file, the quality is flawless.


              I had this problem once before on a video about 2 weeks ago.  I solved it by stretching a clip in my timeline and then rendering it again as an MP4.  I've attempted it again on this video, but that hasn't seem to do anything for me on this one.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Are you using the HDV project presets for this video? If so, when you place the video clips on your timeline there should not be a red line above them.


                is this the case?

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                  .Aspect. Level 1

                  The video is approximately 1:30 minutes.  The last 30 seconds is 4 clips.  Clips 1 and 2 are 7 seconds each.  Clips 3 and 4 are about 12 seconds each (time rate set to 50%).  I have the Dip to Black in between all 4 in that last 30 seconds.


                  I took out the effects for the last 30 seconds and am rendering again to see if that solves the problem.  My machine isn't the best in the world, so rendering takes about 20 minutes.  Very frustrating.

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                    .Aspect. Level 1

                    Yes, I'm using the presets.  There was a red line above the timeline, so I did the Timeline/Render steps that I had read somewhere on these forums.  I think it might of been a thread you responded to.

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      You really should not get a red line above your clips or even have to render if you're using the HDV preset with this HDV camcorder, Aspect. Something is wrong somewhere.


                      Is it possible you've got an NTSC camcorder and you're using the PAL preset or something like that?


                      Double-check your project presets and capture with Premiere Elements (or HDV Split) and your clips should load to the timeline with no red lines above them. Then you won't have to render at all, and you should have no problems outputting your video file!

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                        .Aspect. Level 1

                        When I capture the video to my project, I do not get the red line over the timeline.


                        The red line only appears when I add effects to the video.

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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                          That's different. That's how it should be.


                          But rendering times really shouldn't be excessive either, even if you've added effects. Just a few seconds per sequence.

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                            .Aspect. Level 1

                            That's possibly because my PC isn't optimum.


                            I removed the fading to black effects, and it's still doing the same thing.

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9
                              The red line only appears when I add effects to the video.

                              That is exactly as it should be.


                              The same will occur, if you add a Title above the Clip, or a PiP, or anything except the "raw" Clip. The red line will appear.


                              Good luck,



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                                Jackson Joseph

                                Render and play back the movie after changing the scratch disk location (Edit > Prefrences > General). Check the project settings and movie clip settings are same.

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                                  .Aspect. Level 1

                                  Project settings and movie settings are the same.


                                  On a whim, I took the unedited mpeg and converted it to mp4 to see if it was the effects that was causing me problems.  The clip is 2:41 long.  At the 1:31 mark is where I'm getting the pulsing effect.

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                                    VDOSurfer Level 3

                                    You could try disabling the "Enable GPU playback" option in Edit->Preferences

                                    Save and reopen the project and try playing it back.

                                    Render the video and try again.

                                    These should hopefully solve it..