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    PS opacity bug

    Laurence Schuberth Level 1

      Hi Guys, this has happened on 2 projects now, using elements that have opacity settings in PS the import to FC.

      The first project the opacity settings did not translate and had to reset shape opacity in FC.

      The 2nd project working on today. Have a design that will use 4 full frame ( 900x450) images in 4 different pages with a 50% black sidebar for text.


      Now on PS I have the 4 pics the the sidebar as top layer. When I imported into FC this time the opacity was correct but as I turned off images the sidebar kept the image of the fist pic ( am i making sense??) so when you looked at the bottom 1st image and tuen the 50% sidebar on it contains a dark image of the 4th slide.


      hope this makes sense






      osx snow

      macbook pro 17 4g

      PS cs4