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    layer clipping mask help

    oompal Level 1

      having trouble with layer clipping masks - I guess I've never really used them before. I want to make a clipping mask from a layer but that layer has more than one path on it. It doesn't seem to be working. Does it need to be a single one? Can I use a compound or a group(i've tried both but they didn't work for me...) help?


      also - Is there a way to invert the mask?



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          oompal Level 1

          nevermind, finally figured the first out...is there a way to use the mask as a selection?

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            Gustavo Del Vechio Level 3

            Hi Oompal


            Simple, let´s see if I´ve understood your problem


            Create any shape and position where you like. Now go to layers pallete and click create clipping layer button (bottom of the layer, the first left buttom). That´s it


            Now that shape will be used as clipping layer, and everithing you create inside this layers will be clipped.


            Am I right?


            Guidelines: Path intended to be a clipping shape must be the topmost of the layers, be selected on the artboard and its layer must be highlighted on the layers pallete to enable the action.