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    is there a way to use a path as a selection marquee?


      Is there a way to take path, closed, and select everything that falls inside? or crosses it?

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          JETalmage Level 6

          Nope. I've been suggesting that for years as a better interface for both "lasso" selections and cutting paths.


          If Illustrator's Javascript model provided a function for path intersection and "collision", (similar to FlashScript's ability to detect path collisions) scripting such a solution would probably be trivial. But there is no such function provided.


          Such a function could be leveraged for other features, too. For example, imagine integrating it with Symbols. You're drawing a map. You have a Symbol of a tree. You draw a path in the shape of the forest, and issue a command to randomly position any desired number of Instances of the Symbol.within the path. (Compare the speed and ease of that to the tedious and difficult-to-control Symbolism tools.)


          You can do cumbersome workarounds, but so far, any I've come up with proove too sluggish. For example, you could semi-automate this with a combination of Script and Actions:


          1. Draw a path.

          2. Fill it with a Pattern Swatch (or Create Object Mosaic)

          3. Expand the fill (or Ungroup the Object Mosaic)

          4. Replace the resulting Groups (or Object Mosiac paths) with Instances of a Symbol.

          5. Use the Random setting of Transform Each to somewhat "randomize" the placements.


          But even that does not guarantee intersection with the original path.


          I have used similar routines to script the creation of pseudo halftones and diffusion dithers. But for much detail the scripts are very slow.



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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

            Selection Options could be improved.