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    93mb PM7 doc converts to 394mb PDF file


      last month i converted a 99mb pagemaker document to 5.97mb pdf.


      this month when i converted a 93mb document it resulted in a whopping 394mb pdf.


      i'm using the same distiller job options, style, etc.


      can anyone suggest what to change, check, kick?


      many thanks for any help!

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          First you you are not converting anything you are exporting or creating a PDF from Pagemaker document that still exists after you make the PDF.


          Second a 99MB Pagemaker file is a disaster waiting to happen, all your files need to be linked not embedded.


          What do you have in your file? I routinely send files that big or bigger to the printer all the time.

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            victoria1951 Level 1

            thanks for your response!  you helped me out once before even tho you're a 'mac guy.'


            it's a magazine for online publication.  photos, articles, ads.


            converting was the wrong word to use, i do realize my pm doc remains.


            due to a lot of readjustment of the ads, quite a few of the links are broken.  i will go thru publication and relink them.  but i'm having trouble actually grasping the idea of how links work once this pdf leaves my computer.  i'll attach it to an email and send it to the publisher who will then distribute it.


            here's where we head into the pdf for dummies.  the 'originals' are in a folder on my desktop.  once the pdf goes into the www, how in the world can it still be linked to these items?  and if it sends the links along with the pdf, wouldn't it take up the same amount of space as if they were embedded?


            i'll go work on the links, see what happens and then come back and get more info.


            thanks again!

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              the links are just for the PM document. A small PM doc (file size) is a happy PM doc.


              Now the PDF contains everything, that's why magazine pdfs for print are big.

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                BigJohnD Level 3

                Here's the knowledge that was accumulated in old AdobeForum PM section about importing images and common issues.


                http://bigjohnd.org.uk/PM_FAQs/imported%20graphics.pdf (PDF, about 900kb - note that many of the links are now obsolete)


                Do NOT copy/paste graphics from other applications.

                The Windows clipboard will lose information required by PageMaker for high quality output.



                ONLY use File>Place to bring graphics into PageMaker
                When placing images in a PageMaker file, the following message appears:

                “The graphic in the linked file would occupy xxxxxxx bytes in the publication. Include the complete copy in the publication anyway?”


                The correct answer to this question is always "NO".


                (You can permanently avoid this popup in future docs by unchecking "store copy in publication" under Element -> Link Options with no publication open. You can do the same to avoid further prompts in pre-existing documents.)


                Do NOT use Insert Object or Paste Special
                Object Linking and Embedding is highly problematic in the Postscript environment (e.g. creating PDFs), severely restricts portability (other applications have to be present) and is really only present in PageMaker to gain Microsoft approval as a Windows application. It has been dispensed with in newer applications, e.g. InDesign.


                Other tips for reducing filesize

                1. If you have placed any *.EPS files, check the preview settings generated by PM - previews set to millions of colours at 300 dpi are very large.
                2. Under File -> Preferences -> General, select "Save Smaller" under Save options.
                3. Resave your publication using "Save as…" giving it a new name/location.


                Iechyd da! John
                19:56 22/10/2009 BST

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                  victoria1951 Level 1

                  bigjohnd - that worked great - up to a point.


                  went thru the entire document and placed all images, made sure links working, clicked on no when it asked to include complete copy.


                  no eps images.


                  checked 'save smaller' in preferences.  saved as to new location and name.


                  pm document is now 20mb, down from 93mb.


                  exported to pdf and the new pdf is now 409mb!


                  could the problem be in my distiller settings?





                  btw:  forgot to put in original post - windows xp pro

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                    BigJohnD Level 3

                    To prune 73Mb off a 93Mb file and get it down to 20Mb seems like success to me, though I'm wondering why it's still so big.  How many pages is it?


                    The size of the PDF is more to do with the number of the images and the quality you require for the the final output.  Are you looking for high quality printed output?  Or are you trying to create a small file for speedy downloading.


                    As regards the Distiller options when using Export… AdobePDF…, ISTR that there is problem connected with the location of the Distiller joboptions files. I can't remember it exactly, but I think when a custom one is created, the place where it is saved is not the place where the Export… AdobePDF… macro looks for it.  The custom file has to be moved, but I can't remember the locations. I'll have a look when I get home later - there's no PM anymore here in the factory.



                    Iechyd da! John
                    10:06 23/10/2009 BST

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                      there is nothing wrong with a 400+MB file if you are printing a magazine. most of my magazine PDFs are that big or bigger.


                      another way to shrink the size of a PM file is to do a Save As.


                      Oops missed John's save as comment.

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                        victoria1951 Level 1

                        hey buko,


                        400+mb pdf is no problem as long as it's residing on my desktop.


                        but i can't mail it to the publisher.  comcast, gmail, etc.  all say attachment too large.


                        we may have to resort to sacrificing virgins!

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                          Jay Chevako Level 3

                          for sending large files to a few people try www.yousendit.com or any other of the many services out there that allow you to send large files


                          If this is actually an online publication then you are going to have to play with your distiller settings and get the file size down, posibly breaking the publication into sections.


                          How many pages/photos  what color mode are they in, what resolution are they, what file format are they are you shrinking and or expanding the images in pagemaker, what settings are you using in distiller


                          The more details you provide the better we can answer your question.


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                            BigJohnD Level 3

                            Does your publisher have an FTP facility?


                            Or you could save it on a CD/DVD and post it (though the Royal Mail are on strike here - Postal strikes delay 40% of mail )

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                              victoria1951 Level 1

                              ok folks, i got it fixed!


                              and i couldn't have done it without ya'll!


                              getting the pm doc down in size didn't solve the big pdf problem, but it sure made working with the doc a lot easier - much faster opening, saving, etc.


                              and having to replace every photo, making sure it was linked - gave me a much better understanding of what a link is and does.


                              problem was obviously in the pdf job options and, while most of that is a foreign language to me, i changed a few settings at a time and did a test run after each.


                              not absolutely positive but believe setting color image compression to 300 for anything over 300 did the trick.  previously had no compression since all my photos were originally 300dpi and figured i didn't need it.


                              now the pdf is a reasonable 15mb and looks just as good as the 409mb i had previously.


                              all your comments were extremely helpful and don't understand why adobe only allows 2 helpful comments to be selected.


                              thank you one and all!


                              till next time (there's always a next time)


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                                BigJohnD Level 3

                                Lovely - think of the virgins we've saved!



                                Iechyd da! John
                                17:23 24/10/2009 BST

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                                  BigJohnD wrote:


                                  think of the virgins we've saved!

                                  Is that a good thing? 

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                                    I always use the printers FTP servers. Most printers have them and will create a folder just for your print projects.