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    Flex profiler weird behaviour


      I'm experiencing a weird problem with the profiler.
      Thing is, it won't show objects instantiated after a certain event in the application life, specifically after loading an xml file.
      If i create some 1000 bogus objects in the method that loads the xml, i can see them showing up in the live objects panel, while moving their creation in, for example, the method fired by Event.COMPLETE of the xml URLLoader doesn't change at all the live objects report.


      I couldn't manage to find a solution googling and i'm wondering, is it a known problem?


      By the way, profiling still works with the listed objects so it's not some connection problem. Also, i tried importing the same project (which works perfectly, just needs a bit of resource optimizing) on another flex builder 3 and on a flash builder beta 2, obtaining the same results.