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    Adding Streaming Video Panels

    Macnimation Level 1



      I have an Interface built which has nine Video windows. It will simulate a classroom environment.


      At the moment the cameras are in specific locations on a computer, each computer has Flash Media LiveEncoder installed which is pre setup to stream to a specific rtmp URL and instance.


      Each of the Video objects is scripted to receive the stream from the specific camera and rtmp stream.


      This works but I feel it is inadequet  and clanky. It assumes that the users will connect correctly and use Flash Media Encoder correctly etc....and that the default settings do not change.


      Simply, I would like to be able to do the following.


      Instead of the video objects being pre-assigned to the rtmp stream address, I would like the viewers to be able to click on the Camera Panel and then the video object will automatically connect to their webcam on their machine. Once connected, another user cannot click on the same panel and change it to their camera. Once the user has disconnected it becomes available to someone else to use it.


      Is this possible?