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    Statistics Management

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      It's the second version of OSMF I download and It's great watching the evolution of the framework.


      - After integrating a great number of advertising providers in my media player, It's a great idea checking how OSMF is using VAST as an standard for Advertising feed for the player.


      - In my media player I included many statistics plugin for sending data to several providers, in this case, we don't have an standard neither. It would be great having it like in the case of VAST for advertising.


      Checking the lists of plug-in partners, I've seen a subsection of Analytics Partners for OSMF plugins.


      - What does it mean for OSMF?

      - Are they developing plugins for feeding their systems with their own especifications?

      - Are they working in a common standard process for statistics systems? That would be great.


      I haven't seen any reference to that in the forums or the documentation. I would appreciate it if you could clarify me, the intentions of OSMF about this feature.


      Many thanks.

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          Hi Ivangeta,


          We like standards!  We agree that something like VAST for analytics would be a good step forward towards making players interoperable with multiple providers and towards keeping player footprints light.  However, I haven't seen any such standards or proposals out in the world that analytics providers collectively support.  Are there any specs you'd recommend as a good baseline if OSMF were to try to make headway here?


          For the framework itself and for the OSMF team, our goal is to enable a variety of plug-ins, including those that implement standards as well as those that implement proprietary solutions.  In regards to your question about Analytics Providers' plans, I believe in most cases they're planning to write plug-ins that hook specifically to their backend systems.  You should definitely contact the providers directly for more details.



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