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    Coding an email

      I have set up an email link in one of my pages. When is clicked the email window will open, it needs to have some information in it, like To: email and subjects, this part is done, but we need to have some information in body of the email as well. all of this is done, but we need this body to be in specific format, that is my problem. I need to change the color and font of the info in the body. Any ideas? thanks.
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          bregent Most Valuable Participant
          Using mailto for anything other than the send to address is unreliable and should be avoided. You should instead use a server side form mail script.
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            JoeDaSilva Level 4
            Yeah, you're assuming a lot - that the user is using a mail client (Outlook, outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc) instead of a webmail application like Gmail or Hotmal. Then on top of that, you're assuming that the user has their client set to use HTML email.

            So in short, not only should you not try this, but as far as I know you can't.