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    After Effects Startup Issue


      I am having a problem with AfterFX, my problem is that when ever i start it up nothing appears but the process does appear in Task Manager and the RAM Usage increases then the process diasappeares. I have tried reinstallling my master collection cs4 [i used CS4 unininstall script] and even tried installing after fx trial (after master collection was uninstalled) . I have the same problems with Adobe Encore, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Premiere Pro (CS4) the Others Work Fine. I think it is due to an update i made a few months ago but i am not totaly sure. I am running Windows Vista x86 4GB RAM.


      I made a screen recording of all of what happens when i open afterfx in mov format (2.62MB) : http://comptuts.co.cc/myafterfxproblem.php


      The PHP Is Used For Force Download



      Humza Bobat