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    CF Debugging set up question


      Hi. I have a situation where I am running cf8 locally. I have my CFC's mapped to a local directory as well. My .cfm files, however, are located on a shared drive on our network in a directorty called web_root. In IIS I have the default website mapped to this shared directory. Coldfusion runs the application just fine. However, the debugger hits only the breakpoints in the CFC's but will not hit breakpints set on the .cfm files located 'remotely'. Is there a work-round for this or will the debugger only hit breakpoints on files located on the same server as the coldfusion server intance?


      I am using CF8 intalled for multiple intances running on JRun (however, I'm only using the default instance--I set it up this way to mirror our QA and production environments). I am using Coldfusion Builder beta 2.


      So, in summary: is there a way to make the debugger hit breakpoints on remotely located files?