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    Error when creating tweens and masks


      Hi Guys, i seem to be having a porblem with any sort of tweens, motion (classsic) and shape.


      when i create a new motion tween for example, i get the yellow "!" error in properties and it says "Motion tweening will not occur on layers with ungrouped shapes or on layers with more than one group or symbol". Thing is, i dont have more than one symbol or thing more than one shape and that is actually being tweened.

      the ! error only shows when i select the last frame in the tween. any ideas how i can get around this? i've never had this problem previously.


      when i create a motion tween, i draw the object (in this case a circle), right click on the single keyframe, select create motion tween, then copy this keyframe and paste it further down the timeline, say at frame 10. At frame 10, i will move the circle to another location. the tween seems to work and it has created the symbol in the libary (tween 1) as a graphic, and when i export, it works ok, but the last frame has still the same error with the "!".  Same thing happens with shape tweens.


      In this case i have used a shape tween to make a circle become larger, and this which is my mask layer, with the masked later underneath, which is a static shape which i have drawn with the pencil tool. The mask works fine in flash, but when exproted, nothing shows.


      I've linked to an example .fla file of the problem that i am having with the tween and also the mask layer. The main animation is in a movie clip called "Drop 10", in the libary.

      Any help would be great as this is driving me mad.


      File: http://ranicx.com/test/example_problem.fla